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Picasso Picasso & Paris
A Salon with Gertrude Stein
Adapted and performed by Betsey Means
Directed by Eileen Vorbach

"A writer should write with his eyes and
a painter paint with his ears."

About Gertrude Stein
Gertrude Stein (1874-1946) was an American author and poet best known for her modernist writings, extensive art collecting and literary salon in 1920s Paris. For some 40 years, the Stein home at 27 rue de Fleurus on the Left Bank of Paris was a renowned Saturday evening gathering place for both expatriate American artists and writers and others noteworthy in the world of vanguard arts of letters, most notably Pablo Picasso. Entrée into the Stein salon was a sought after validation, and Stein became combination mentor, critic and guru to those who gathered around her, including Ernest Hemingway who described the salon in A Moveable Feast.

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