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WomanLore's performances will delight...
• women’s and men’s clubs
• women’s and men’s study groups
• libraries
• corporate events
• private parties
• soirees
• museums
• senior citizens
• universities
• high schools
• fundraising events

WomanLore can enliven and enrich a wide variety of events with its blend of living history. WomanLore provides an intimate, personal experience that ideally suits small gatherings such as teas and luncheons or theatre in your home.

WomanLore's historical connections are also perfect for performances at museums, libraries and retirement communities, for audiences who are eager to listen and learn about historical figures.

WomanLore performances at schools and colleges allow students to engage in dialogue with historical figures. Students gain an immediate, personal connection with issues and events—firsthand learning without barriers.

WomanLore's performances make history come to life.

If you would like to learn of upcoming WomanLore performances in your area,
please contact us at 773-528-4957
or email us at