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The Life of Clara Schumann
Adapted and performed by Betsey Means
with pianist Karen Berk
Directed by Eileen Vorbach

"You will never make an artist until you have loved and suffered! The playing needs that fire and depth of feeling which springs from the joys and sorrows of life. What a splendid thing to be an artist. I can turn all my suffering and joy into divine music."

About Clara Schumann
The prodigy daughter of a remarkable piano teacher, Frederich Wieck. Clara developed from a mere Wunderkind into a widely acclaimed virtuoso in her teens. The young Robert Schumann became a resident piano pupil at the Wieck household. Clara, a brilliant performer and Robert, a gifted composer fell deeply in love. Their marriage became one of the great true love stories of all time. Clara was eternally grateful for the art that was to sustain her through a lifetime of triumph and tragedy.

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